Dream Riders

Mighty:Pictures presents a 90 minute feature doc

A father and his son, separated through divorce, rejoined on pavement, fueled by a dream: These are the DreamRiders. Choosing to live the life that others only dream of, this duo rides bicycles across the USA—4,000 miles of body and spirit-breaking challenge—while struggling to reconnect, to make a truce in the battle for authority and freedom, and to form a friendship, all in front of the cameras that record every conflict, every doubt, and every triumph.

Built from hundreds of hours of footage, thousands of miles of road and the experiences of a lifetime, DreamRiders’ appeal is in the human drama, the scenic grandeur, and the inspiration of living out one’s dreams. Like any good drama, the moments of conflict are punctuated by the humor found in everyday situations and places. On the moving stage of the vast American continent, fascinating sights and people, from the amazing to the ridiculous, change with each bend in the road. And like classic drama, DreamRiders doesn’t just entertain, but also inspires and teaches, reminding us through its images that we only get there one pedal at a time—through sweat, the support of loved ones and the determination never to quit. DreamRiders is an inspirational “kick in the pants,” a wild ride of adventure and the heart-warming, feel good story of the year.