Mark Smith - Director of Photography

Mark Smith Director of Photography/Director

The Big Picture, architecture, depth of experience, collaboration. Motion photography from time lapse to high speed, and stills, film or electronic. The foundation for all media projects is the shot, the scene, the image, and Mark has the ability to deliver the kind of   images that form the bedrock on which great programs are made.

Coming from a background that covers the range from live TV to documentary film production often in remote locations, to feature film making, Mark has the sense of architecture and vision to get the best out of a cast and crew from 2 to 52 in size. With a background that includes live television, documentary production, often in remote locations, and feature film production Mark brings a unique kind of multi-dimensional understanding of the production process that allows him to wring the best results from budgets both "luxurious" and "challenged."

He has recently completed projects for Conde Nast/Conde Net, Discovery Channel, National Geo, Deloitte, Turner Broadcasting, Dillard's, and Staples.

Between being the father of a high level gymnast and a busy DP, Mark also finds the time to squeeze in the occasional Olympic distance triathlon.