Howard Kleinman - Writer

Howard Kleinman graduated from Oberlin College in the spring of 2003.   Armed with a B.A. in Cinema Studies and English, Kleinman set forth to find a new place in the world.

Kleinman began his career as a journalist, writing culture articles for the Forward and film criticism for the New Jersey Jewish News.

At Mighty Pictures he is a television writer focusing on network promos, movie trailers and documentaries.  Some of his writing credits include: College Football's 10 Greatest Coaches for CBS Sports ; promo campaigns for Spike TV including CSI Themed Weeks , Thanksgiving Bondathon and 007 Days of Christmas; and the Trailers for the DVD releases of Ren and Stimpy for Paramount.

Kleinman also works extensively as a Production Manager, arranging shoots throughout the United States, working with organizations including: Sports Illustrated, the Sporting News, Kay Jewelers and the New York Jets.

Kleinman currently resides in New Jersey.